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Brand Spain loses some of its shine

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Spain has squeezed past most of its PIIGS partners to take out 19th place in FutureBrand’s latest Country Brand Index.

Based on data from interviews with 3,600 so-called ‘opinion formers’ and frequent business and holiday travellers from 18 countries, the report by brand consultancy FutureBrand takes as its starting point the notion that nations are brands in the same way that, say, Coca Cola and Microsoft are brands.

And although this year’s CBI doesn’t offer up any great revelations about who sits where in the world standings (the Nordic countries are all among the top 10 national brands, as are Canada, Australia and New Zealand); it is surprisingly upbeat about the potential of the PIIGS nations – and of Italy, Ireland, and Spain and particular.

While recognising that these countries at the edges of the EU are suffering a whole swathe of economic problems, the FutureBrand agency says what the these nations “share is an unprecedented opportunity to leverage strong, well defined associations that could enhance their financial competitiveness and return them on a sustainable growth path.”

FutureBrand’s CBI ranks countries according to interviewees’ perceptions of their value system, quality of life, heritage and culture, tourism and how good they are for business. Those scores are then combined with another set of values for brand factors including awareness, familiarity and preference, among others.

This year’s results show  – no surprises here – that Spain has slipped in the rankings – from 14 in 2011 to the current 19. Spain’s Scores for survey factors like ‘Job Opportunities,’ ‘Most Like to Live In and ‘Standard of Living’ have all dropped since 2010 when FutureBrand listed Spain as the 10th strongest brand in the world. However, Spain continues to do well for food (6) and for art and culture (4) while also scoring quite highly for tolerance (17) and political freedom (20) and the regulatory environment (24).

And the world’s strongest national brand? Switzerland. It earned the top mark for ‘Beauty’, ‘Safety’ and ‘Most Like to Live In’ and ‘Standard of Living,’ among many others. Meanwhile, Germany had the best workforce and the most job opportunities, Sweden came up trumps for health and education and Australia had the best beautiful beaches. Japan ranked top for authenticity and Thailand was best value for money.

For a take on the value of the US brand, you might want to look at this article from Forbes.


Written by georgemills25

November 1, 2012 at 14:02

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