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Silver linings part 1

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It’s not easy to find positives to what’s taking place in Spain these days, but the country’s Traffic Directorate have provided a silver lining: road deaths are down 10 per cent this year.

Commenting on these figures in El Pais, the traffic directorate (DGT) highlighted the ‘history-making fact’ that just one person died in a traffic accident in Spain last weekend (October 27/28).  And while the DGT concede that little can be read into this isolated stat, they are also choosing to view it as symbolic of what has been – from them at least – a relatively good year.

In 2011, Spain saw 1,117 road deaths up to the end of October. This year that figure was 1,012. The total number of accidents also dropped – from 1,237 to 1,116.

The Real Automóvil Club de España (RACE) said that while better driving habits could be part of the picture,  both rising petrol prices and a reduction in the overall number of trips being made – down somewhere between 3 and 4 per cent according to the DGT – were certainly playing a role.

Meanwhile, a study carried out by Spain’s National Road Safety Foundation, FESVIAL, reveals that 69 per cent of Spanish drivers are trying to drive more economically these days, with 70 per cent of those keeping their speed down to cut costs. The fear of being fined is also playing a role with 73 per cent of people driving more carefully as a result.

But FESVIAL said Spain’s economic woes could also be hampering road safety efforts. A study conducted by the agency found that a third of all drivers weren’t getting their cars serviced as often as they should. And FESVIAL also stressed that cuts in infrastructure spending were an issue of serious concern.


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November 4, 2012 at 12:18

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