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Hash stash leads to drugs bonanza

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Law enforcement officers in southern Spain’s Cadiz province are still scratching their heads over recent events in the village of Bonanza.

‘I’ve never seen anything like it,’ customs official Santiago Villalba told the Diario de Cadiz newspaper as he described a night in which men, women and children from the little fishing village cornered and threatened security officers during a drug bust.

The incident took place on November 28 just outside the town of Sanlúcar de Barrameda at the mouth of the Guadalquivir River. Just before eight in the evening, customs surveillance agents working out of a helicopter spotted a suspicious launch travelling down river and occasionally dropping off small bundles. These were then picked up shortly afterwards by other individuals.

The officers decided to land their helicopter to intercept the suspicious vessel at which point the drug traffickers fled on foot. The customs officials then secured the large stash of hashish they found on board the vessel.

Suddenly, though, a group of as locals arrived to claim the drugs haul. Agents on the scene told the Diario de Cadiz this crowd numbered around 50 at first but soon swelled to some 100 people, including children as young as eleven or twelve-years-old. This irate group began to threaten the customs agents and pelted the stationary helicopter with stones and other objects. Fearing structural damage to the craft, the pilots decided to go for backup, leaving a single colleague on the ground to defend the stash.

This lone officer held out as long as he could against the mob, even showing his weapon at one point to defend himself. Meanwhile, members of the crowd quickly carted off around 2,000 kilos of drugs in as many as 80 separate packages.

At this stage, the helicopter pilots turned back to rescue a colleague they say was at serious risk.

Villalba said the scene was like a king tide of people who filled the beach and that it even looked as if entire families had come down to participate.

Backup soon arrived but all the drugs were gone. Police officers only managed to catch a single man in possession of a 30-kilogram stash of hashish. He is now in prison.


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